Why the Tree?

An old parable describes 4 blind wisemen asked by their king to evaluate an elephant. They were placed in a tent with the elephant and allowed 5 minutes to make an evaluation. Each one felt a different part of the elephant and contemplated what they were feeling. They were then lead out of the tent and one-by-one described what they experienced.

Wiseman 1 – This animal is like a leather wall starting at should height and reaching to the sky.

Wiseman 2 – No, no, this animal is like a tree with a large solid trunk but made of leather rather than wood.

Wiseman 3 – You are both wrong, this animal is like a large water hose with two spouts on the end.

Wiseman 4 – I have no idea what the 3 of you were feeling, but this was obviously an animal more like a rope or perhaps a snake

Some people come to use for training, so maybe for them it is the Tree of Knowledge.

Many come for our “All Covered” support services, so for them it is the Tree of Peace of Mind

Some come to us after suffering a data loss, for them the Tree of Solace

What is the tree to you?
The Tree of Integrity?
The Tree of Truth?
The Tree of Trust?

 Why the Tree?



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