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A Better Way to Get and Manage the PC’s That Drive Your Business

A Better Way to Get and Manage the PC’s That Drive Your Business

Your entire business runs on your PC’s – so everything depends on having the right systems, software and security, well maintained and kept up-to-date. Utilizing Device-as-a-Service (DaaS), also known as PC-as-a-Service, is an easy way to get the right technology, fully managed and maintained by us, for one easy-to-budget monthly cost.

Instead of purchasing your PC’s as a capital expense and then managing and maintaining those PC’s yourself, our Device-as-a-Service offering makes it simple to get the right solution and keep it up-to-date. Automation Concepts can provide business-class PC’s and software applications, with regular maintenance and security updates, plus responsive day-to-day support and fast repairs when needed - ALL for one predictable monthly per-seat fee. This is an easy change that makes a big difference.

Better Business Through Simpler IT

Our Device-as-a-Service solution gives you PC’s that are well maintained, secure, and kept up-to-date with a planned replacement cycle – all for an affordable monthly fee that’s easy to budget.

  • Business class performance: It all starts with an Intel vPro Technology-based PC, which has the horsepower, reliability, and built-in security features that your employees need to respond quickly to customers and opportunities. 
  • Everything each employee needs, in one package: Our Device-as-a-Service is a complete solution: business class hardware, office productivity software applications, backup, maintenance, and expert service - all together. 
  • Remote management that removes interruptions: PC’s with Intel vPro Technology allow us to do most maintenance and repairs remotely, and therefore much faster. Your employees experience less downtime and fewer interruptions to their work. Should a repair be needed, we usually won’t have to drive over to fix it. Both our state-of-the-art helpdesk and our on-site experts are available to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Better security: Regular system updates, backups, and patching keep your PC’s protection up-to-date at all times. And with Intel vPro Technology-based PC’s, we can do this after hours, even if the PC is turned off. And our regular security monitoring identifies and blocks many threats – like hackers and malware -- before they can impact your business.
  • Easy to adjust as your needs change: You’ll have the flexibility to scale up or down on hardware, software, and services, within contract terms, as your business needs change.

Realigns Your Resources to Build Your Business

Device-as-a-Service helps you better utilize both dollars and people, so you can get more business done.

  • Easier budgeting: The predictable subscription price of Device-as-a-Service gives you a known, affordable monthly per seat cost that makes budgeting easier.
  • Frees up capital dollars for strategic projects: By removing the recurring headache of finding capital dollars to replace old PC’s that are holding your business back, our Device-as-a-Service allows you to allocate those capital resources to strategic initiatives and business-building projects.
  • Bundling simplifies purchase of key technologies: Device-as-a-Service bundles PC hardware, PC software, PC service, PC support and PC lifecycle management into a single end-to-end solution that reduces your procurement and asset management efforts.
  • Keeps your employees focused on customers: With higher reliability and faster response to issues, your employees’ ability to focus on customers and new opportunities is maximized. 
  • Planned refresh that keeps your capabilities up-to-date: Because your PC’s and software will have a planned refresh schedule, you’ll be able to adapt with new tools, new ways of selling, and new ways of serving customers. Having the latest technology at your disposal doesn’t have to mean large capital outlays.

When you are ready to take your systems to the next level at a predictable monthly cost reach out to the expert consultants at Automation Concepts & Technologies, Inc. We can help you decide upon the best business technology for your needs, allowing you to focus on other pressing matters. Give us a call at (508) 285-5080 to learn more.

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