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Leverage VoIP Through a Quality RingCentral Solution


A VoIP solution can assist your business in multiple ways, most notably in the realm of savings. While the potential savings over time cannot be ignored, VoIP also allows a business to increase productivity and mobility.

First, let’s explore costs - with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the traditional method of telephony is rendered effectively obsolete. By virtue of costs versus benefit, VoIP is the superior solution simply because the additional features listed above are included at no additional cost. The same cannot be said of the services provided by the telephone company. Furthermore, you save money in the long term, both in terms of productivity and equipment costs.

For everyone in your company to have a traditional telephone, new lines would need to be installed, creating increased cost and interruptions in the office. VoIP only requires an Internet-connected computer to work. This makes it both faster to implement and more financially attainable, allowing you to make back your investment and start generating profits more quickly.

These features all can help you and your employees to handle work responsibilities more effectively, with call waiting, forwarding, follow and find, and inboxes allowing a more effective response to calls. The ability to transfer calls to a more appropriate resource, even those out of the office,or have messages recorded when they are unable to answer, makes the business day much more manageable for everyone involved.

This is just the start of how VoIP can prove to be a worthwhile investment for any business looking to improve their operations.

Why Turn to Automation Concepts & Technologies, Inc.
While VoIP is a great solution for the user, it can be challenging to maintain on the technical side of things. That’s why many businesses have chosen to enact VoIP with the assistance of a provider like Automation Concepts & Technologies, Inc.. We take care of any concerns in the background, giving you a better tool to use in your day-to-day operations.

In addition, we are always available if anyone in your company requires assistance or support with their RingCentral solution, or any other technical issues that they may encounter.

If you want to learn more about RingCentral VoIP telephony via Automation Concepts & Technologies, Inc., call us at (508) 622-5100 or visit or service page.

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