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Find out How Your Data Winds up on the Dark Web!


Have you ever heard of the Dark Web? The Dark Web isn’t the nicest place on the net. You know those streets that you tend to avoid - not because you’ll necessarily be robbed if you go there, but there’s a much higher chance of it happening? The Dark Web is a little like that. You might get caught up in something, but you might not. Then again, there’s a decent chance that your data could already be on the Dark Web, for sale to the highest bidder.

What is the Dark Web?

Many people might hear the term “Dark Web” and think of one of those avoided streets. In reality, the scale of the Dark Web makes it more like a metropolis, with the Internet that you can currently access representing a single apartment building in it.

Is Your Information on the Dark Web?

While the Dark Web does have some legitimate uses, it has become a haven for illegal and illicit activity as well, primarily due to its deregulated nature. Effectively anything you can imagine is probably up for sale on the Dark Web… including any data of yours that has been stolen. Of course, there’s almost no way for you to know this on your own - most businesses are informed by law enforcement, long after the fact.

However, waiting for the bad guys to exploit stolen credentials is not your only option.

Protect Your Data from the Dark Web

Automation Concepts & Technologies, Inc.’s Dark Web ID Credential Monitoring Service Gives You Another Option. Our Tools can detect if your credentials have been stolen and are for sale on the Dark Web. Often, we can prevent a problem before it becomes a major issue by proactively informing you that you have a security issue somewhere in your systems or on systems that you have login credentials.

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Monday, July 13 2020

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