Your organization undoubtedly has many files that need to be both shared among specific employees, and securely stored in a way that restricts access exclusively to those who need it. Dropbox Business can serve as a solution for both of these needs.

Using Dropbox Business to Facilitate File Sharing

Dropbox Business allows your organization to improve its collaboration while giving you control over your business.

Collaboration is crucial to today’s work environment.
Few things are as crucial to a workforce’s productivity than the capability of its members to work together. Whether one department needs to work with another, or two members within the same department are pooling their talents, they will require the tools that allow them to do so.

With Dropbox Business, your employees will have that tool at their disposal. A simple interface will enable them to access the files that they require and share them as needed, with security you can trust to protect your data. With files that are saved to the cloud, Dropbox Business keeps your local storage free for other purposes. Optionally, you can sync your local storage with the cloud, so you can access your files without an internet connection. Changes are synced back to the cloud once you reconnect to the internet.

The cloud is key to Dropbox Business’ use as a collaboration solution, allowing preview and commenting capabilities in addition to the access that your team needs.

Keeping You in Charge
You understand your business better than anyone else, so it only makes sense that a business solution would give you the power to step in and manage it. Dropbox Business provides you with that power through a dashboard. Using this dashboard, you can make sure that the right people have access to what they need, and once they no longer need access, you can take it back. This helps to ensure your security.

The Right Tool for Your File Sharing Needs
Again, collaboration is crucial to productivity - in fact, you could say that it’s a prerequisite. Dropbox Business enables this collaboration. Regardless of the device your team member happens to be using, they can contribute with the assistance of Dropbox Business. If you need to share files with a client, or someone outside your organization, that is also an option, as long as they have a working email address.

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