Cyber Attacks come from all sides! Fight Back! Go WILD!


Cyber-attacks aren’t going away, as a matter of fact they are increasing and getting more stealthy in their methods. This makes it wildly important that your business is properly defended. In order to properly protect your investments, you have to savagely fight back with WILD, our collection of best-practice security applications, devices, and protections.

WILD (Web-based Intelligent/Integrated Layered Defense) blends the best parts of a variety of different solutions and intelligently ties them together to create a unified front against attacks that isn’t constrained to your business’ location. By integrating with our EMP (ENOCH, or Extended Network Overwatch Control & Healing, Management Platform) our specially-selected suite of cyber-protection tools can effectively respond to cyber-attacks by either resolving them or escalating them to our team of experts.

Combining the capabilities of Unified Threat Management with other solutions that can protect your business from assorted viruses and malware, WILD enables us to assist you from anywhere an Internet connection can be established. Furthermore, WILD includes employee training and leverages information gleaned from the Dark Web to identify and resolve your security’s weak points. We’ll even test your employees to ensure that the training sticks and give you a report card.

If you want to leverage the ever-improving power of WILD to your business’ benefit, let us know. Call (508) 622-5100 and ask about your free Cyber Threat Evaluation to get started.

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