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Cloud Backup, Security, and File Sharing- Protecting your Business in the Cloud

The proliferation of dynamic cloud solutions could be a major benefit for your business.

Many organizations are considering a cloud computing solution for their mounting IT costs. Since cloud solutions are generally billed monthly, these costs become operating expense (OPEX) versus capital expense (CAPEX), which often needs to be booked and depreciated.

To avoid large capital outlays, companies have begun utilizing cloud-based systems for hosting their communications (phone, email, security) and sometimes their entire computing infrastructure, when it makes sense. A large number of vendors have shifted their primary computing offerings to the cloud, allowing you options that you never had before. By doing this, they have been able to develop and integrate more dynamic solutions that can provide companies like yours with substantial value.However, there are other underlying motives at work that need to be considered. Nothing is free, and these vendors need to cover their costs as well. By moving to a monthly billing model, they are stabilizing and guaranteeing their revenue stream at the same time that you are stabilizing your expenses. All that glitters is not gold.

There are many factors to consider from the type and size of data to the type of workforce involved. The experts at Automation Concepts can help your company weed out the glitter from the gold so you can choose when and where cloud services make sense from an operational and expense stand point.

As cloud services have evolved many have become more cost effective than on-premise solutions. The same is true for the entire IT support industry. In the past, companies relied on the break and fix method of IT support, dealing with the large surprise expenses and the “necessary evil” of technology. Today most companies rely on Managed IT Services, which has lowered their overall computing costs while increasing productivity. Companies that have embraced this model now see technology as their secret weapon everywhere from customer satisfaction to employee morale.

Consider how much your organization spends on the management and maintenance of your IT infrastructure. If you could get a fully-managed and current cloud solution for less than you are currently paying, wouldn't you jump at that opportunity? The trusted IT professionals at Automation Concepts & Technologies offer a full range of cloud solutions that present organizations like yours with options that weren't available to them just a short time ago.

Automation Concepts Presents: Cloud based computing at its best.

If you are looking to add a dynamic and affordable backup or file sharing solution for your company, or just looking to gain budget flexibility, contact us to discuss the best option.

Cloud backup features include:

  • Affordable monthly rate.
  • Pass off the cost of managing and maintaining computing infrastructure.
  • Complete backup of your files to the cloud.
  • Fast restoration of backed up files, complete with file revisions.

Cloud based file sharing includes:

  • Real-time mobile access to synced files.
  • Include only the users that you need
  • Keep three months of revisions as a backup
  • ...and more!

HIPAA Compliant Cloud file sharing includes:

  • Secure Microsoft Office 365/SharePoint File Structure
  • Microsoft Active Directory integration
  • Tighter Security
  • ...and more!

For more information about our cloud file sharing or backup and disaster recovery offerings, call us today at (508) 622-5100. Our trusted professionals can provide your organization with all the resources it needs to make your technology work for you.

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