Business Computing Assessment

An expert inspection of your organization’s IT can get you started toward a better business.

Most businesses today rely on information technology (IT) to function, and you know just how quickly situations can arise with your IT. By having the experienced IT professionals at Automation Concepts & Technologies do a thorough assessment of your entire IT infrastructure, including onsite and cloud-based hardware and software systems, networking equipment, printers and copiers, and data storage facilities, you can get a comprehensive view of how your business works, and how those operations can be made more efficient through strategic improvements and properly managed and maintained business technology.

Why Do an Assessment?

The daily grind of business can often leave an organization with an inefficient IT infrastructure.

At Automation Concepts we’ve seen it all. We understand that many small and medium-sized businesses, whether they utilize high-end technology solutions or not, often take their technology for granted. This leads to malfunctions, operational inefficiencies, security problems, etc. The end result, however, is downtime. In fact, the smaller the business, the more valuable time is, and downtime is extraordinarily costly. That’s why we not only check every nook and cranny of your network and infrastructure, we sit down with you to get a better idea what you are looking to get out of your IT and show you what is possible.

Assessing Your Business and Its Technology

Our technicians are thorough and accommodating.

Even if you have an IT resource on staff, since we oversee thousands of systems, we bring expertise from outside of your business. Our technicians are experts in the design, management, and maintenance of IT systems; and how those systems are utilized. This gives us a unique advantage when tasked with making fair and tough assessments of any organization’s IT infrastructure and practices. Our tried and true method of IT assessment not only provides a blueprint of how your organization’s IT works, it also allows us the perspective necessary to ask the right questions.

IT Assessment: Step-by-step – What we do:

  1. Speak with you about the problems you and your staff have with your organization’s technology. This will give us a point of reference as we approach the assessment.
  2. Ask you about the goals for your technology, and for your business.
  3. Inspect your IT policies and practices with regard to laws that you must comply with
  4. Inspect and inventory all hardware and software, including peripherals and cloud-based.
  5. Inspect your backup and recovery platform.
  6. Inspect your servers and the storage capabilities of your business.
  7. Inspect your mobile device management in regard to access to corporate data
  8. Inspect your organizational communications platform(s).

Once we’ve ascertained exactly how your IT functions, and what technology assets your organization has, we then can begin to consult with you on how to make your existing IT work more efficiently; and how to invest your technology budget to build additional value.

If your business is looking for increased productivity, enhance your staff’s ability to collaborate, or just get a sense of how your IT is working for you, call the technology professionals at Automation Concepts & Technologies today at (508) 622-5100.

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