Cyber Attacks come from all sides! Fight Back! Go WILD!

ACT WILD! – Automation Concepts & Technologies, Inc (ACT) introduces W.I.L.D. (Web-based Intelligent/Integrated Layered Defense) – our answer to the rapidly increasing threat of Cyber Attacks.

What is WILD?

WILD is an integrated collection of security applications and devices that can provide cyber protection at the multiple layers of your computing environment.

Why is it Web-based?

Computing devices are no longer bulky computers that never leave your desk or your office network. Both you and your staff are accessing your organization's sensitive data from a wide variety of devices and locations. Today, data protection has to move with you. While traditional firewalls are still the foundation of cyber-defense they can only protect devices that are connected to them. Organizations need their security policies to travel with their staff to protect critical data and account information. While your company’s computing devices are not always connected to the office network, they are usually connected to the web.

Does the “I” stand for Intelligent or Integrated?

Both actually! ACT chose a suite of “best-of-breed” cyber protection tools that integrate with our ENOCH Management Platform (Extended Network Overwatch, Control, & Healing) and also use machine learning and artificial intelligence to quickly respond to the ever-changing threat landscape. While these intelligent cyber-protection tools respond to and often remedy, cyber-attacks automatically, integrated notification to our ENOCH Management Platform (EMP) is essential for tracking and escalation of issues that are not automatically remedied.

Why is WILD considered Layered and why is that important.

WILD is layered because it incorporates cyber-protection detection and defenses in multiple areas (or layers) of your computing environment.

  • The Perimeter
    We use SonicWALL Unified Threat Management (UTM's) devices at the edge of your networks to act as the first line of defense. These UTM's (the latest generation of firewalls), are sharing information with a worldwide network and are not only looking for known threats but are constantly analyzing inbound data looking for suspicious patterns. By using SonicWALL's industry-leading Advance Capture Protection Service any suspicious code can be sent real-time for testing, execution, and rating at SonicWALL's Threat Protection Center. With SonicWALL's Content Filtering you are able to keep your staff focused on the web content that matters to your business.

  • The Devices
    Elements of our WILD package are able to work at the device level to lockdown USB Drives, access to social networks, file sharing sites, and a myriad of other threat surfaces. Our anti-virus and anti-malware software is also web-based so it is constantly being updated to detect the latest threats and reporting issues back to our EMP. Finally, our agents are constantly checking the system for performance issues, keeping up-to-date on the latest security patches, and providing our technical staff with rapid, secure, remote access when needed.

  • The Human Element
    These days the greatest threat to data security is actually inside your network and it is untrained staff. While most companies have spent a lot of money to protect themselves from outside threats they have often overlooked the most import security measure they could implement – Staff Training!

  • A key part of ACT’s WILD system is web-based employee training, testing, and rating. First, we will start with a Dark Web scan to see what information has already leaked and is possibly being used by hackers. Then we provide short and easy to follow web-based training videos that your staff will use to learn safe computing procedures. For every course they pass their threat rating will improve. As an owner or manager, you can quickly pull up a dashboard to view their staff’s threat profile. But we don’t stop there. We will test the effectiveness of that training by launching our own email phishing attacks to make sure the training worked. If your staff clicks on the bait, you will know, and their threat rating will go down, indicating the need for more training.

More Layers?

ACT is constantly evaluating the threat landscape. Additional tools are already being tested and evaluated and will soon be added to our lineup.

How do we get protected?

Each environment is different and needs a set of tools that is scaled and tailored to your needs. Call (508) 622-5100 today or complete the form on the right to get your free Cyber Threat Evaluation.

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