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Employee Highlight: Recognizing Jai Parsai


Jai’s History

Born in Bhutan, Jai began his life as a man without a country, as his parents were forced to flee when he was just an infant. His family settled in a Nepalese refugee camp, and that's where he spent the next 21 years of his life. As citizenship in Nepal was not an option for him, he and his family lived on very limited resources, with just enough food to eat and a roof that would leak overhead.

His first experience with a computer came at age 19, when he was in college, where he spent two years. Upon graduation, he got a job teaching English, science, and math at a private school. It was then that he met Anita.

In 2010, Jai decided to resettle in another country. Between the available choices, he selected the United States, and his uncle randomly selected Rhode Island. Jai, his mother, and his uncle came to the United States, and in 2015, Jai achieved his citizenship.

He then returned to Nepal and married Anita in 2016.

During his time here, Jai spent years working for a lighting company, rising through the ranks there. In order to pursue a newfound passion for computer technology, he enrolled in classes at MotoRing Technical Training Institute, graduating with the highest average grade in his class. With resume in hand, Jai began the search for an internship.

One of his stops happened to be at Automation Concepts and Technologies.

After a very brief and efficient interview process, Jai accepted an internship with us, and the rest is history.

“The team I work with answers all my questions and teaches me new things. They are supportive—they push me to learn more—but don’t worry about me ‘messing up’.  My team knows I have good knowledge from MTTI, so they have confidence in my ability to learn quickly. They let me figure it out first by myself and then they will help me. I am so glad that I knocked on the door of Automation Concepts & Technologies!”

Jai is now one of our trusted Helpdesk Engineers, assisting our clients with their technology issues. If you need assistance from us, he may be the person who answers your call.

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